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We are always looking for actors / actress and models to promote our brand and our partners.

While we are still new, we are offering actors / actresses and models the opportunity to promote our partners in exchange for a free membership.

You will never have to pay for your membership so long as you do one post, on both Instagram and Facebook on behalf of one of our partners. We'll even help you by supplying you with content to use!

Follow these steps for a free membership opportunity with us :

1. Apply to see if you are eligible
2. If you are accepted, you will receive a welcome message with access details
3. When you log in, go to Casting Calls, you will now have the option to Upload Your AD Proof or you can do so by clicking here.
4. Once you upload your AD proof, your account will be activated and you can start requesting casting calls submission details!

About Our Partners

Currently, the partners we are looking to promote, and you will be too, if you get the chance are :

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